Real Estate Law

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Michigan real estate laws can be quite complicated and if not followed properly can result in a number of issues. Without having a strong legal team to protect your interests, you could face additional legal challenges that could have been avoided. Some of the services we provide at The OWL Resource Group include:

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Whether you need help preparing a lease agreement or settling a dispute with your landlord or tenant we can help represent your interests. Tenants and landlords both have rights under Michigan law and we can help ensure you are being treated fairly.


When a tenant has stopped paying rent, you must provide them certain notifications to begin the eviction process. Under the law, tenants must be given a 7 day written notice. Should the tenant fail to pay rent by the end of the 10 day period specified in the eviction notice, landlords will had to go to court to get an eviction notice.

Back Rent

If your tenant left your residence without paying back rent, we can help you recover those monies. As a landlord, you must be able to properly document when tenants stopped paying rent and in most cases, you may have to go to court to recover back rent. If you need representation, we can help.

Land Contract

If you are considering purchasing a piece of land in Allegan County, Muskegon County, Newaygo County, Kent County or Iowa County it is important to have an attorney review the terms of your contract as well as any funding agreements. We can also assist you with all deed preparation including title searches, notarizing documents and filing the necessary documents with the Registrar of Deeds.

Deed Preparation

Whether you need a quitclaim deed (one that does not provide any warranty about the attached property) or a warranty deed. The OWL Resource Group can assist you with the preparation. In addition, we provide brief title searches, filing of deeds with the appropriate county registrar and notary services when necessary.

The OWL Resource Group provides experienced real estate law services in Kent County, Ottawa County, Allegan County, Muskegon County, Kalamazoo County, Ionia County, and Newaygo County or other areas around Grand Rapids, Michigan Contact The OWL Resource Group today at (616) 633-1371 for your Michigan real estate needs.