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While divorces are never easy, in some cases, couples are able to agree on a number of issues and only a few are contested such as child custody or support payments. However, in some cases, working together with a mediator, couples are able to work out their differences and do so in a respectful way that allows them to both feel they have resolved their issues in a fair way.

Family Law Mediation

Divorces that are done in a collaborative manner are generally far easier on children and on the couple since it is often less contentious. A trained mediator can help you resolve the issues in a mutually beneficial way. The mediation process typically allows each of the parties to involve their own attorney and exchange various options until such time as an agreement is reached that is acceptable to both parties.

The mediation process does involve a participation agreement in which both parties as well as their attorneys sign an agreement that specifies they have all agreed to the process. The OWL Resource Group can be retained to represent you in the mediation process as your attorney or may act as a mediator.

It is important that both parties understand that using a collaborative approach to divorce with a mediator is generally faster and more cost effective than a contentious divorce process where the parties stop talking to each other. Many more differences can be settled amicably and the court will not have as much involvement in issues such as property division, child custody and parenting plans.

Couples in Kent County, Ottawa County, Allegan County, Muskegon County, Kalamazoo County, Ionia County, and Newaygo County or other areas around Grand Rapids, MI who are interested in collaborative divorce should contact The OWL Resource Group at (616) 633-1371. We will be happy to help you through the process.